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Those pores and fine lines don’t seem to disappear no matter how much moisturizing cream you apply? HA (Hyaluronic acid) is a substance that is naturally made by the skin that gives us that plump, hydrated and supple skin that creams alone cannot achieve. As we age, our skin produce lesser HA. Here at 8 Medi-Aesthetics, we offer one of the most advance and long lasting skin rejuvenation treatment clinically proven to provide visible improvements to your overall skin by improving the elasticity, luminosity, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Skin booster treatment such as Restylane is a brand new approach specially designed to deliver deep-skin hydration and providing nourishment to the skin safely and effectively. This means naturally increasing hydration levels within your skin to acheive lasting moisturisation and improvements on the skin’s surface, creating a healthier and radiant complexion.


Step 1

HA is a substance in our skin that draws and retain moisture to keep your skin plump, hydrated and supple.

Step 2

Micro droplets of HA is injected into the deep skin layer using soft and fine needles to increase hydration levels deep within the skin.

Step 3

HA boost collagen production and elastin in the skin also helps to improves the skin surface texture and tone.

Step 4

Your skin will continue to produce more collagen after the treatment. Expect an increased in skin’s firmness, elasticity and radiance.


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